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Collect and compile e-mails, phone and fax numbers from the websites around the world using
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23 May 2011

Editor's review

Marketing through emails and SMSs is counted among the best methods for advertising your product, services, or company. However, doing so isn’t that easier as you’d require a large database of email addresses and phone numbers for the purpose. Considering these modes, you must be planning either to take up a professional’s services or buy a pre-gathered database of emails addresses and numbers. But, the problem with these aids is that the cost of professional assistance and database updating might burn a hole your pocket. However, an effective yet easiest way of generating your own email address and phone number databases is available as GSA Email Spider 4.98. The utility is capable of collecting and extracting email addresses, phone numbers, and also the fax numbers from different websites. The search made by the program is keyword specific so that you get targeted email addresses from relevant websites.

GSA Email Spider presents pleasing and intuitive interface with appropriate settings placed over it. The utility also allows sending emails to potential customers automatically, thus proves to be a great support in mass mailing and email marketing. It provides you with two choices: Use Search Engine and Use Url as Start for beginning data extraction process. If you’re using search engine, then you’d be required specifying the keywords relating your products, company, or services to let the program search websites accordingly, for the extraction process. In addition, you can also define the number of search results for parsing, and enable options: ‘parse results for new sublinks; and extra check for keywords. Further, if you’re using URL to start then specify the website URL, depth for parsing for this site and external site, and the keywords that the page must include. Now, start the search and the extracted emails, fax numbers, and phone numbers are show listed at the lower half area over the screen. You can easily save the results or directly send emails to the collected email addresses, as needed.

With the GSA Email Spider you can easily extract and create large database of email addresses and phone numbers for your marketing campaign. Considering its great performance and the fantastic option-set, the program is allotted with 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Collect and extract emails, phone and fax numbers from the websites around the world using the keywords you enter for! The websites will be analysed by this application using the keyword you entered as search string. The program will spider, grab, crawl, rip, harvest, extract and parse for the items. It is also possible to send an email to your new customers within the program automatically making it the ultimate tool for online marketing and mass mailing (but should not be used to spam). It provides benefits to your business and dramatically open up your new customer base with easy advertising!
-Extract emails from a starting web site,
-In addition to the email grabber you can search for phone and fax numbers,
-Send emails automated to your new customers,
-Harvest emails with the help of search engines (300+ included),
-Support for https web sites,
-Support for SSL-only email providers (like google mail),
-Send emails directly with internal snmp server,
-Javascript analysis to find protected email addresses,
-Protection from anti spider engines (e.g. random user agent),
-Collect emails with their extra data (e.g. address),
-Many filters to only extract emails you want,
-Very fast processing (with 100 threads you can easly extract 500 new emails a minute)
GSA Email Spider
GSA Email Spider
Version 5.81
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The application close automatically after running for a while.
I like it...nice interface
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